Plan A Funeral Liturgy

Funeral Liturgy Planning Form

  • :
  • Introductory Rite

  • Liturgy of the Word

  • Give first & last name of reader for first reading
  • Give first & last name of reader for second reading
  • Please provide a first & last name for the person leading the Prayers of the Faithful. If you have any additional petitions, please list those here.
  • Liturgy of the Eucharist

  • Please provide first & last name
  • Please provide first & last name
  • Concluding Rite

  • Please provide your own first and last name
  • Please provide the best phone number at which to contact you.
  • Please provide your own email address
  • Please indicate the nature of your relationship with the deceased.
  • NOTE: Please submit this completed form at least 24 hours before the funeral is scheduled to begin. The church office will inform the funeral parlor of your liturgy plan as soon as we receive it so that the undertakers will know to assist your readers and other participants in performing their respective liturgical roles at the proper time.