FY2017 Annual Report

The parish is pleased to release its 2017 annual report.  Many thanks to John Fuller for his tireless efforts to compile a comprehensive document with input from our staff, finance council, and parish council.  

Click below for a printable PDF, identical to what will be made available in the parish and included with our annual collection mailing.

St Patrick FY2017 Annual Report


Breaking News

WallaceFrancisFather Francis X. Wallace will soon be returning to the Catholic Memorial Home in Fall River.  Further details will be provided as they materialize.

(Updated 7/5/17)

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog

10 February 2017 — Homeport: Falmouth Harbor — Adopt a rescued rabbit week (seriously)

father tim lurch.pngIt’s been much too quiet around here, dear readers. “A house without a dog is incomplete,” Father Francis X. Wallace kept reminding me. Growing up (literally 95 years ago), Frank had a dog named Pete. He also, as a young curate in Sandwich, had an English setter named Duke (with permission of the pastor, Father George Sullivan). Frank, an army chaplain, brought Duke with him to Camp Edwards. Duke decided army life wasn’t for him. The dog went AWOL. On his own, Duke somehow made his way back to Corpus Christi Church. Seems the food was better.

Father Ray Cambra has had several pet dogs: Duke (No. 1 and No. 2), Lady, Champ, Razmus, Tucker, and Maximillian Rufus the Great

Here at St. Patrick’s rectory, we three priests are “The Dog-Fathers.” Among us, we’ve had some 20-plus dogs over the years.

I firmly resolved not to get another dog. I’ve already rescued nine greyhounds: Aran, Molly Malone, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Transit, Miss Piggy, Lolo the Galgo, Gabe, and Justin. I’ve done my part. I’m too old for that sort of thing now. No more dogs for me. And that’s my final answer. 

Well, it was for awhile.